Tuttle Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Last weekend I finally got to check off a birding spot that I have been wanting to visit: Tuttle Marsh National Wildlife Refuge! Tuttle Marsh is located near Tawas City, Michigan. You have to take back roads to get to the drive. It is mostly an attraction for birders and is not well trafficked.


I arrived in the evening and at first did not see very many birds. As dusk continued to descend more and more birds began making their appearance. I was able to identify quite a few, but others still go un-named.


If you look hard enough in this photo you may beĀ able to pick out a blob in the center. That is a juvenileĀ Northern Harrier.


These little guys are pectoral sandpipers.


Those are my mystery ducks. Judging from the size, flatness of the back, and length of the bill I am guessing they might be green winged teals.


These are wood ducks.


I am guessing that this one is a greater yellowlegs.


Belted kingfisher with great egrets in the background.


These are all greater yellowlegs. That photo and the one below was taken through my binoculars.


Solitary sandpiper (also the bird pictured in the very first photo)


If you look close enough in this photo you will see a bird near the reeds. I have no idea what it is as I was unable to get a good look or photo of it.


This was a fun place to visit and I really want to go back in the spring and maybe hit it up in the morning, which is the best time for birding.

Have a great week!

by Alexa