Summer Update

As summer moves in, our days get really busy with training our animals and preparing for fair. Posts may be sporadic or short and sweet with pictures and maybe an occasional recipe. We will post just often enough though to keep you updated!


My chicks are growing fast! They have been able to get outside a few times this week and they love it!


I still do not know if I have males or females yet. I hope I have one male and two females!


Taking pictures of these cute little guys is so much fun!


Hitan has grown into a little character! His (I am calling Hitan a he) favorite thing to do is try and dust bathe in the wood shavings in the pen or in the grass outside!


Relaxing and watching the big hens free-range.


Can’t forget about these guys! The master mess makers have been moved outside permanently! Yay! They now stay in a chain link dog kennel with a dog house that I lock them in at night. Their pool stays in the kennel and is filled everyday. Make all the mess you want in there guys!


The three breeds that we have are pictured above, (left to right) Pekin, Indian Runner, and Khaki Campbell.

We have also been making some pretty yummy creations. Like…


Zucchini boats and…


Moose Bars!

Have a great weekend!

by Alexa