Mackinac Island

First field trip of the school year! I love going to Mackinac Island every year! Here is the island in pictures:

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island!

These double-crested cormorants perched on this rock barrier were just too good to pass up!


Hors’in around on Mackinac Island!


No cars! Only horse, bike, and foot traffic!


While biking around the island we always need to stop and climb up the 207 stairs to view Ach Rock!



Rock Art from biking around and through the island!



British Landing view.


There’s the ferry we take to get to and from the island!


Farewell Mackinac Island!

by Alexa



0 thoughts on “Mackinac Island

  1. Gramma Stone says:

    Makes us want to get back there one day. The color of the water near the Arch is beautiful. Good job of picture taking. 👏🏻

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