Keeping a healthy and happy flock this winter

The snow finally came!!  And the chickens are resisting the change in weather, especially the older hens.  This week I am going to share with you some tips and tricks to keeping a healthy, happy flock this winter.

IMG_0887.JPG IMG_0893.JPG


New treat today was a peanut butter and raisin stuffed apple! The chickens thoroughly enjoyed it, even got the older hens outside. Coring the apple was a challenge though. Figured out a grapefruit spoon works best for getting the core out.

Investigating the new object in there enclosure.
Peanut butter can get a bit sticky!
The apple undergoes the roosters critical eye, while the hens watch impatiently.

Another method we like using for keeping healthy chickens is oatmeal.  The chickens enjoy it too!  I mix ground flax meal in with the oatmeal to add extra protein, particularly good if the flock is going through a molt.

A clove of garlic and a couple drops of oregano oil add important properties to the ”potion”.  This is a great treat to give in the winter and spring.





Have a great rest of the week and a happy new year!

– Anna




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  1. Gramma Stone says:

    Neat tricks. Almost makes us want to raise chickens again. Glad you keep your charges happy and healthy. Happy New Year to you too!!!!

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