Farm Update

Wondering what’s up at the farm? Well here’s a farm update for you!

Kapa at 5 weeks old. He is growing fast! Chicks look very scruffy (some say ugly) at this age in their life because they are growing in one of three sets of feathers that they grow before growing in their adult plumage.


I found out this week that Ele Ele has crooked toes, which means that two of his toes is bent. It will not effect his health but I will probably not use him for breeding.


Hitan- still my favorite! She is quite a character!





I am pretty sure that both my khaki campbells are males so I will not be able to bring them to fair.


I have brought an Indian runner duck to the small animal clinics that I go to during the week. I practice showmanship with it every day.


Donald and Aflac, the two Pekins.


Been doing some delicious baking! Above is some yummy strawberry bread.


Along with some monster cookies!

Have a great weekend!

by Alexa