Christmas Photography Tips

The Christmas season is probably one of my favorite times of the year for staging indoor (and outdoor) photos. I like taking photos of both holiday decorations and holiday foods. I would like to share with you a few Christmas photography tips that I have learned over the past two years.

Christmas Photography Tips- Capture your Christmas memories this year like never before!

1. Lighting

The lighting of a photo is especially a challenge during this time of the year. My favorite spot for well light photos is my dining room table in the middle of the afternoon.


If I want to make a photograph have a more Christmas lighting to it, I like using the living room where my Christmas tree is. I turn my low light setting on my camera and then usually take several consecutive photos.


Tip for finding the right indoor lighting: look for rooms/places that allow a lot of natural light in. Rooms with big windows or a lot of windows usually have good lighting in the afternoon.


2. Plan

I love planning photos. A lot of people think, what is there to plan about a photo? Well, for example, when I take a picture of a present, I don’t want just the present in my photo. I go ahead and gather everything associated with wrapping a present and include that in my photo. I think it gives a photo more character.



Now some things are best left simple. Like the following photo:


3. Focus

When taking outdoor photos it is especially important to have a focus. With snow pictures, focus is a must. dsc_2144

Imagine this photo without the snowflake. It would end up looking pretty dull in my opinion. Use indoor things (that you don’t mind getting a little wet) to create a focus for some of your outdoor photos.

dsc_2150Sometimes zooming in on a certain aspect of a scene helps create focus. In the above photo, instead of taking a photo of the entire barrel with the snowy pine boughs in it; I zoomed in and focused on only a portion of the snowy pine boughs. I also captured the rustic barrel in the background.


4. Capture Traditions

Capturing family traditions in photographs is also important to me. Like having cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. In the above photo I included a red poinsettia and pine boughs along with a festive table cloth. Those things remind me of Christmas. Now when I look at those cinnamon rolls, I remember I had them on Christmas, not at Easter or some other time.


The traditional photo of ‘stockings hung over the fireplace’ I also tried to capture.


5. Add Props

Spruce up your Christmas cookie photos by not just including one type of Christmas cookie, but a variety! I like adding fabric, battery operated lights, tins, or greenery to improve my photos as well.


Sometimes, you just have to be creative in capturing those Christmas memories…


…or down right fun!

I hope you cherish your Christmas memories forever, no matter how you capture them!


Have a great week!

by Alexa