Chick Update Weeks 1-3

Hello readers! It has been a little while since you have got an update on our chicks. They have been growing like weeds and have already grown in their tail and wing feathers. I take my chicks outside every week to get their pictures for my poultry records. Most of the time they cooperate, but there is always that one. I enjoy taking their photos and watching them grow, and now you can too!

chick update weeks 1-3
This is my Lavender colored Svart Hona/Cochin. Her name is June and she is one week old. (I’m assuming she’s a hen.) 🙂


Salmon Faverolles

chick update weeks 1-3
One week old!
chick update weeks 1-3
Two week old Salmon Faverolles.









chick update week 1-3
Enjoying the outdoors at three weeks.


Here is a little information that I gathered on the Faverolle, to give you a better idea about the breed.

History and Origin:

Named after a village in France, the Faverolles were developed in the mid-nineteenth century as a good dual-purpose bird that laid brown eggs. Due to poorly kept documentation of the breed’s bloodline, poultry historians can only guess at it’s ancestors. It is thought though, that Faverolles might be a cross of Dorkings, Houdans, and an Asiatic breed such as Brahmas, Cochins or Langshans. Regardless of past breeding the Faverolles show distinctive traits, like five toes, lightly feathered legs, and a beard and muffs. Faverolles are very gentle and are a good choice for backyard birds. They are good egg producers of light brown eggs and will lay through the winter months.

Faverolle Facts:

Class- Standard: Continental. Bantam: All Other Combs, Clean Legged

Size- Standard Cock: 8 lbs. Standard Hen: 6.5 lbs. Bantam Cock: 30 oz. Bantam Hen: 26 oz.

Physical Features- medium-sized single comb, wattles and earlobes red, but hidden by muffs

Color Varieties- Salmon, Black, Blue, Buff

Place of Origin- France

Conservation Status- Critical

Admitted into APA in 1914

The second breed I bought this year for Fair are the Buckeyes.


chick update weeks 1-3
Buckeye at one week old.
chick update weeks 1-3
Adventurous two week old Buckeyes.









chick update weeks 1-3
Three weeks old!


History and Origin:

The Buckeye breed was developed in the 1890’s by Nettie Metcalf from Warren, Ohio. It is the only breed developed solely by a women. Metcalf bred Barred Plymouth Rock hens to a Buff Cochin rooster, with some black-breasted game fowl added in, to produce a dual-purpose breed that worked well on the farm. The Buckeyes have a rich reddish brown, mahogany plumage, with some black present in the tail. They are also the only American breed to sport a pea comb. Buckeyes have a calm, docile demeanor and can be handled quite easily. They are one of the most cold-hardy of all the breeds and do well under confinement and free range.

Buckeye Facts:

Class- Standard: American. Bantam: All Other Combs, Clean Legged.

Size- Standard Cock: 9 lbs. Standard Hen: 6.5 lbs. Bantam Cock: 34 oz. Bantam Hen: 28 oz.

Physical Features: small to medium-size pea comb with bright red wattles and ears

Place of Origin: United States

Conservation Status: Critical

Admitted into APA in 1904

Thanks for reading,

– Anna

chick update weeks 1-3