‘Chic’ Deviled Eggs

With last week being Easter, I figured I would break up the series “Incubating” and include a cute, ‘chic’ recipe! Every Easter, I like to make deviled eggs to go with the Easter meal. These deviled eggs are not your typical deviled eggs though! I like to throw a little spice into them and make them into cute animals, my favorite being chicks! I have also made mice, snowman, owls, and pumpkins! So get creative!

"Chic" Deviled Eggs- make the cutest display of deviled eggs for your Easter meal!

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Artisanal Bread Rolls

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Hello everyone! This week I am going to share with you some delicious artisanal bread rolls. I made these rolls last week to go with my curry chicken, cauliflower rice and sweet potato dish. (If you missed that post click here to read it!) You will definitely be making these easy rolls over and over.  At least I know I have!

Artisanal Bread Rolls Artisanal Bread Rolls

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