Sweet Potato Spinach Frittata

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At first I had my doubts about this Sweet Potato Spinach Frittata. I thought anything that had spinach in it couldn’t possibly be scrumptious tasting, but this frittata defied all odds. It is so delicious I have had to make it over and over again. I know you will find this frittata just as tasty as I did!

Sweet Potato Spinach Frittata- This delicious, nutritious frittata makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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Paleo Breakfast Campwich

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In need of a great breakfast or lunch idea to brighten up the menu? Look no further than this deliciously, healthy Paleo Breakfast Campwich! A family tradition of ours is to have a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich while we are camping, because of this we renamed it a campwich.  Sounds better don’t you agree?  Originally we used a bagel or English muffin for the bread part.  Now that we are grain-free, that became a bit of a problem. Not anymore though! Today I will share with you a healthy English muffin recipe to use in a Paleo Breakfast Campwich or toasted with honey and butter. Either way, it will be sure to please.

Paleo Breakfast "Campwich"

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Blender Blueberry Waffles

It is  officially summer time, and it’s also time to break out some delicious summer breakfast recipes! These waffles are my absolute favorite grain-free waffle recipe! Add some blueberries to them, and they make for a great start to a summer day! These blender blueberry waffles are so easy to make. They require minimal ingredients, make a lot, and are delicious!

Blender Blueberry Waffles- These quick and easy waffles are grain free and can be whipped up in a blender!

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