Natural Supplements for Molting

Chickens molt at least once every year. Molting is very stressful for chickens and also demands a lot of nutrients. Supplementing your flock’s diet while they are going through a molt can help reduce stress and help them complete a successful molt. I feed my flock these natural supplements for molting during the fall!

Natural Supplements for Molting- Giving your chickens added nutrients and protein during their molt will help them stay healthy and have a succesful molt!

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Treating Chicken Diseases Naturally

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One important aspect of raising chickens naturally is knowing how to care for their injuries and diseases using natural remedies. By treating chicken diseases naturally, you will hopefully not have to resort to using chemicals on your chickens.

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Good and Bad Table Scraps for Chickens

Most chicken’s are not picky when it comes to food. As a rule of thumb, chicken’s can eat almost anything that we can eat, but there are a few important exceptions. Sometimes a chicken will know what is bad to eat and what is good to eat, but we must still be careful what we offer them. These good and bad table scraps for chickens  will help you make sure you are feeding your flock beneficial foods!

Good and Bad Table Scraps for Chickens- Here are some guidelines for what you can feed your chickens, what you can't feed your chickens, and what should be fed in moderation.

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8 Natural Supplements for Chickens

I have been raising my chickens naturally for about 4 years now and have learned a lot about supplementing my flock. Along with my flock’s daily ration of layer feed I also throw in some nutritious, beneficial supplements. These eight natural supplements for chickens will help improve their health and laying ability!

8 Natural Supplements for Chickens- These nutritous and beneficial supplements will help keep your flock happy, healthy, and productive!

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9 Summer Treats for Chickens- Beat the Heat

Chickens can handle cool weather way better than warm weather. High temperatures can cause a drop in laying or cause the hens to lay soft eggs. Chickens can also suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  You can help your chickens beat the heat by what you feed them in the summer. I use these 9 summer treats for chickens to help my flock cope with the high temperatures!

9 Summer Treats for Chickens- Provide nutritious, beneficial snacks to your flock to keep them healthy and hydrated throughout the summer!

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7 Beneficial Herbs to Grow for Chickens

Growing herbs for chickens is a great way to improve the health of your flock! Herbs provide great benefits for your birds and you can use them too! I have dappled in growing and supplementing herbs into my hen’s diet for the past two years. This past year though, I really learned about the helpful and nutritious benefits herbs have for my chickens. Now I would like to help you begin growing and utilizing these amazing plants! Below are a few herbs to grow for chickens along with tips on how I use them and their benefits to your flock.

7 Herbs to Grow for Chickens- Herbs are very beneficial for both you and your flock! These seven herbs are easy to grow and most of them come up year after year!

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Performing a Chicken Health Check

Chickens have a mysterious way of getting sick very suddenly! One of the reasons for that could be because they are trying to pretend that they are healthy so that the others don’t pick on them. That makes it very hard on us chicken keepers though. One way to keep track of your flock’s health is by performing a routine chicken health check on each bird. I do a health check on my entire flock every month to be sure that I don’t miss any hidden signs of illness.

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