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Winterizing the Chicken Coop- 6 tips for winterizing the coop

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Chickens are quite easy keepers throughout the winter months as long as you prepare properly and correctly. I do several things each fall to get my chicken coop ready for the winter months. These 6 tips for winterizing the chicken coop will help you and your flock be ready for when the snowflakes fly!

Winterizing the Chicken Coop- Learn how to prepare your coop for when the snowflakes fly to keep your flock happy!

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4-H Steps for Showing Chickens

Showing chickens in 4-H is something I love doing every year! I have shown chickens in 4-H for five years now and every year it gets more exciting! This was my first year being a Poultry Teen Superintendent at the Isabella County Fair, so I was able to help out a lot of young chicken enthusiasts. Now I would like to share the 4-H steps for showing chickens so everyone can access them and practice for their county fair!

4-H Steps for Showing Chickens- Showing chickens in 4-H is a fun and educational experience! With diligence and practice it can be rewarding too!

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5 Steps for Preparing a Show Chicken

It is getting to be that time of year again when poultry enthusiats are preparing their bird’s for poultry shows. Whether professionals, beginners, or even participants in 4-H, they all want to do well at the show and have their bird’s looking the best! I love showing my chickens and in order to catch the judges attention I make sure they are in the best condition! Here are a few steps that I take in preparing a show chicken!

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7 Beneficial Herbs to Grow for Chickens

Growing herbs for chickens is a great way to improve the health of your flock! Herbs provide great benefits for your birds and you can use them too! I have dappled in growing and supplementing herbs into my hen’s diet for the past two years. This past year though, I really learned about the helpful and nutritious benefits herbs have for my chickens. Now I would like to help you begin growing and utilizing these amazing plants! Below are a few herbs to grow for chickens along with tips on how I use them and their benefits to your flock.

7 Herbs to Grow for Chickens- Herbs are very beneficial for both you and your flock! These seven herbs are easy to grow and most of them come up year after year!

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Fuel for the Flock- Homemade Chicken Feed Supplement

Ever wanted to give your flock a boost of something nutritious and healthy without spoiling them till their fat? Well, this homemade chicken feed supplement recipe is for you! I posted a similar recipe awhile back (click here), but now I have changed a few ingredients and gone up in scale as I have more chickens to feed! I feed this to my flock of 21 birds every other week and they love it!


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