8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

Natural Supplements for Molting

Chickens molt at least once every year. Molting is very stressful for chickens and also demands a lot of nutrients. Supplementing your flock’s diet while they are going through a molt can help reduce stress and help them complete a successful molt. I feed my flock these natural supplements for molting during the fall!

Natural Supplements for Molting- Giving your chickens added nutrients and protein during their molt will help them stay healthy and have a succesful molt!

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8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

Molting 101- what is it? and how it works

We’ve reached that time of the year where you get no fresh eggs from your flock and it looks like someone plucked all your hens: Molting Season. All birds molt, wild and domestic. Molting is when a bird loses it’s feathers and regrows new ones. Now, they don’t lose all their feathers at one time, that’s why you don’t see naked birds flying around. (Fun Fact: Wild birds will molt the same flight feather on each wing at the same time, that way they are not off balance in their flight).

Molting 101- what is it?, how it works, and how you can help

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8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

Good and Bad Table Scraps for Chickens

Most chicken’s are not picky when it comes to food. As a rule of thumb, chicken’s can eat almost anything that we can eat, but there are a few important exceptions. Sometimes a chicken will know what is bad to eat and what is good to eat, but we must still be careful what we offer them. These good and bad table scraps for chickens  will help you make sure you are feeding your flock beneficial foods!

Good and Bad Table Scraps for Chickens- Here are some guidelines for what you can feed your chickens, what you can't feed your chickens, and what should be fed in moderation.

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8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

8 Natural Supplements for Chickens

I have been raising my chickens naturally for about 4 years now and have learned a lot about supplementing my flock. Along with my flock’s daily ration of layer feed I also throw in some nutritious, beneficial supplements. These eight natural supplements for chickens will help improve their health and laying ability!

8 Natural Supplements for Chickens- These nutritous and beneficial supplements will help keep your flock happy, healthy, and productive!

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8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

6 Tips for Finding Chicken Sitters

One of the biggest challenges with raising chickens is finding people to care for them when you want to take off for a few days. I like to travel a lot with my family, so finding a good chicken sitter is a challenge that I have to face pretty regularly. Throughout the years I have learned a few tips and tricks to make caring for my chickens fun, easy, and not too inconvenient for chicken sitters. Finding chicken sitters is challenging, yes, but it is not impossible!

6 Tips for Finding Chicken Sitters- Finding good, reliable chicken sitters is a challeng, but it is not impossible. These tips will hopefully help you find good chicken sitters!

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8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

9 Summer Treats for Chickens- Beat the Heat

Chickens can handle cool weather way better than warm weather. High temperatures can cause a drop in laying or cause the hens to lay soft eggs. Chickens can also suffer from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  You can help your chickens beat the heat by what you feed them in the summer. I use these 9 summer treats for chickens to help my flock cope with the high temperatures!

9 Summer Treats for Chickens- Provide nutritious, beneficial snacks to your flock to keep them healthy and hydrated throughout the summer!

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8 Winter Chicken Keeping Tips

Is Raising Chickens Right for You?

A few weeks ago I walked into the local Tractor Supply store and heard the distinctive high pitched cheeping of chicks! Seeing those cute fluff balls made me want to purchase a few right then and there even though I was totally not set up for spring chicks yet. Many other people fall into that snare, and end up bringing home baby chicks that they have no idea what to do with! Every year thousands of chicks are purchased (especially around Easter) but never reach their first year of life.

Is Raising Chickens Right For You?- Raising backyard chickens is a very fun and rewarding experience, but check out these factors to be sure you are ready for raising backyard chickens!

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