Winter Photography

Capturing the beauty of the snow on your camera can be very challenging. It just looks so beautiful when you see it with your eyes, then you get it off your camera and onto your computer and it doesn’t look like the beauty you saw outside. I find it very difficult to just look at the snow, I have to take pictures of it and capture it before it leaves. Below are some tips that I have found helpful when out in the snow.


It helps to have a focus. With all the white surroundings, your camera may not know what to focus on, leaving you with a bland photo.


Fortunately for me, I have a dog, to be my focus. If you don’t have anything ‘live’ to be your focus, try trees, or your house, or anything you have lying around your house such as wheelbarrows, cars, or shovels.


Sometimes framing can help bring out the beauty of the snow. Use other trees or branches to frame the winter wonderland.


Have a line to follow. The road or footprints work well for this tip. Even the tree line on your yard may work well. If you live near a stream that isn’t frozen, that would make for some beautiful photos too.


Taking picture of snow covered trees is especially hard. I have found no really good ‘way’ or any tips for taking photos of snow covered trees. Again, maybe a focus would help or concentrating on a certain part of a tree. Wild birds can be helpful at this point, instead of zooming in on them perched on a snowy branch or bird feeder, include the whole branch or bird feeder along with the snowy background. This gives the eye something to focus on and still captures the snowy beauty.


Here are some other photos that might give you ideas for a snowy photo shoot.


This is a recaptured copy of a photo that I had taken last fall during the first snowfall. The wheelbarrows were only lightly covered then.


Again, my model animals come in handy for winter scenes, although I have to be careful with proportion when using them.


Hope this post helps you in your photography! Have a great weekend!

by Alexa



Ready, Set, Shoot!

This is about photography, not archery or guns, lest any of you get your hopes up. Today I am going to discuss how to take great photos everyday! Not just when you go on vacation, or when you go to the zoo, or whenever you get inspiration. This is EVERY day! There are many things surrounding you every day that you can take great photos of! Another thing, these are NOT rules, they are guidelines and tips, if you want to stray and do something different, go for it!


Now, my favorite thing to take pictures of are animals, so we will start there. Now I know not all of you have animals, but we will get to the things you do have in a few moments. When photographing your pet you usually want your camera to focus on the eye, because the eye is the location of the most detail.


When it focuses on something other then the eye, it makes the photo appear slightly blurry especially around the head. I find the best setting on my camera for taking photos of my animals is ‘portrait’. Portrait is usually symbolized as a person’s head. Another thing to keep in mind while photographing animals is the angel or the position. For short animals, get down at their level. Then, again, look at this photo:IMG_4342Yes, this is a cute photo but I find the next one cuter because of the way I took it:

IMG_4416  When taking pictures of my chickens, I have to follow them around and take photos randomly, hoping I have a good one. In other words they are very hard to pose. With dogs on the other hand, (at least most dogs) you can at least TRY to pose them. I find treats come in handy when trying to pose animals.


This photo was shot with a treat held temptingly above my lens. Other unique angles are shown in the following photos:



Another one of my favorite things to take pictures of is my food. Now all of you should have food in your house! When I first started my food photography it was horrible, bad angles, bad lighting, and bad settings. The photo below looks disgusting because of these flaws (it is raspberry yogurt):


I made some improvements such as finding the best place for lighting (my kitchen table), figuring out what angles did certain dishes justice (I use the above angle the most), and finding some cool photo props. I find that photo props added to food pictures really makes for a great photo. Consider this photo:


Yes, the lighting is pretty good, the angle is good, and there are a few props, but compared to the next photo:


I find this one more natural. Here are some other cool food photos to give you some ideas:


I use this angle less frequently, although it does make for neat photos of sandwiches, cupcakes, and other items that have some height.


I like this photo because it uses a blend of blues to draw attention to the blueberry pie.

Photographing holidays is another favorite of mine. I love staging events, especially holidays. This Christmas I really got into staging photos. My definition of staging is this: gather materials that remind you of the event that you are trying to capture and then arranging them in such a way as to descried the event. The Christmas photo below is packed with Christmas related things and can look cluttered. I wanted that look because when I picture Christmas Day, I see wrapping paper, boxes, gifts, bows, and ribbon all over the place, giving a cluttered look.


A staged photo can also be as simple as two or three items placed in such a way or at certain angles. The one below is an example.


Photographing seasons is somewhat difficult. I have only just gotten into it this past fall and winter. Angles and colors are the key to season photography. In my fall photographs below I used a unique sense of perspective along with my ‘super vivid’ setting on my camera to capture the colors of autumn.



For winter, I tried to capture snow using things around my house. Snow is very hard to capture on film. The shot below of my front porch was taken with a low light setting.


Taking photos of still objects can be, in a way, harder then photographing moving objects. Angle is the key to a cool still object photo, as you can see in the below photos taken of the same mushroom:



The last thing that I will mention in this post is my love for taking photos of my model animals. I have a picture for every single model animal I own. The key with them is proportion and perspective. In one of my photos of a model cow, the grass is way taller then the cow, making for a very awkward photo. In a different photo of the same cow I took the photo where there was some short grass and it looks almost realistic. In the below photos you can see how perspective plays a role.



Now, there are many more photos that I would love to put on here, but those will have to wait, this post has gone on long enough. I hope you have acquired some inspiration or at least some insight into the fun world of photography!

by Alexa




Photography Tips

This week I wanted to share with you some photography tips and ideas that I have found to be helpful.

IMG_4553.JPG  IMG_5451.JPG  IMG_0067 (3).JPGIMG_0331.JPG  IMG_0371.JPG  IMG_4764.JPG

The photos above I like to call, one object photos, as they all have a distinct focus point with not at lot of ”busy” background behind them. It makes it easier to see what the main point of the picture is.

Another thing would be the perspective of a picture, it can make a really  big difference in the way the photo looks or stands out. Consider the pictures below.

IMG_0537.JPG   IMG_5443  IMG_0201.JPG

I personally enjoy taking pictures of flowers and trees as their is such a diverse range of angles you can take the picture from.

Lighting is a very important component in a good photo. The light doesn’t have to come from the sun or other natural light either, indoor lights can also make for some very striking pictures.

IMG_0190.JPG  IMG_0272.JPG  IMG_0533 (2).JPG

After you have taken some pictures you may wish to edit them for fun or to add a desired effect. Below are some of my edited photos.

horse revised.jpg.jpg  underwater.jpg.jpg  IMG_0431 (2).JPG

If you enjoyed this post feel free to comment, or if you would like to share more tips on photography I would love to hear your advice. Have a great rest of the week and a happy Thanksgiving!

bibleunderwater.jpg (3).jpg

– Anna


This Week’s Photography

This week I have had lots of fun with my photography assignments. These are the pictures I took on Tuesday:

Schleich Friesian
Schleich Friesian
White-Tail Buck
White-Tail Buck
Running Horses
Running Horses
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf
Dancing Horses
Dancing Horses

If you are wondering why I post so many pictures of my Schleich animals and Breyer horses it’s because I like taking pictures of animals and the only live animals I have around to take pictures of are the chickens (the frog is way to hard and the dog is not always in the best mood) Besides, I like taking pictures of my toy animals, they are way easier to move around and get just the right pose;)

Here are some pictures that I edited on Thursday:

Black Horse on Lake Michigan.
Black Horse on Lake Michigan.

This picture is of Lake Michigan, I then added the black horse and crows.

Spoiled Chickens Lay Rotten Eggs
Spoiled Chickens Lay Rotten Eggs
Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs
Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

The chicken above is Hope. She is just the one to be with that saying.

Job 39:22

The photo above is not mine. I got it off of the internet and added the horse and the verse.

I also had fun taking pictures of this weeks cuisine:

Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions

Scrambled eggs and stir fry veggies! Yum!

Carrot and Peanut Butter go together like crackers and cheese.
Carrot and Peanut Butter go together like crackers and cheese.

The story behind this picture is: We went to farmers market on Thursday and bought some carrots. One of the carrots was huge! It had to be at least an inch or two in diameter! Because we could not eat the whole thing at one meal, we saved some of it and had it for snack, but we wanted something to go with it, so we were deciding between cheese and peanut butter. We eventually decided on the peanut butter and it sure was delicious!! You should try it sometime;)

Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie

There’s another story behind this photo too: I really wanted to make pot pie, so yesterday I made it for lunch and it took longer to make then I thought. I got it in the oven at 12:00 and it bakes for an hour. So of course by then two other family members were starving. I had a hard time figuring out if it was done, finally I took it out and wanted to let it set up for 15-30 minutes. But, Anna said she would eat it juicy or not juicy and mommy said we should just eat. So I cut it and we had pot pie soup for lunch. It then set up in the fridge and we had it for breakfast this morning!

Yesterday we went on a road trip to Grand Rapids and daddy bought a new truck. I love it! It has lots of space and it even is a cool color: brown when seen in a certain light and black in other lighting. I said it looks like it could drive to Georgia (or Florida) and back this winter:)

That pretty much sums up this week. Hope you had as great a week as I did!
By Alexa