Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies

A few of my favorite fall ingredients include chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate (maybe with a little peanut butter thrown in the mix too). Ok, so I do like to mix things up ever so often with a bit of pumpkin and zucchini. These fantastic gluten-free chocolate chip zucchini cookies are the best zucchini cookie I have ever made! I like to think of my zucchini cookies as being similar to my pumpkin oatmeal cookies, they both have oats in them, they both have a vegetable in them, they both use butter, and they both have chocolate chips in them. What more could you ask for?

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies- These cookies contain all the essential fall cookie ingredients, oats, butter, a vegetable, and chocolate chips!

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Chicken Soup with Grain-Free Dumplings

This week I tried a new recipe that I have been wanting to try. Chicken soup with grain-free dumplings! And I am going to share it with you! This chicken and dumplings soup is the best, it’s hearty, healthy and super easy to make. Just put all the ingredients in a crock pot and forget about it until supper! Though the delicious smell of it would make that highly unlikely.  🙂

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Molting 101- what is it? and how it works

We’ve reached that time of the year where you get no fresh eggs from your flock and it looks like someone plucked all your hens: Molting Season. All birds molt, wild and domestic. Molting is when a bird loses it’s feathers and regrows new ones. Now, they don’t lose all their feathers at one time, that’s why you don’t see naked birds flying around. (Fun Fact: Wild birds will molt the same flight feather on each wing at the same time, that way they are not off balance in their flight).

Molting 101- what is it?, how it works, and how you can help

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Good and Bad Table Scraps for Chickens

Most chicken’s are not picky when it comes to food. As a rule of thumb, chicken’s can eat almost anything that we can eat, but there are a few important exceptions. Sometimes a chicken will know what is bad to eat and what is good to eat, but we must still be careful what we offer them. These good and bad table scraps for chickens  will help you make sure you are feeding your flock beneficial foods!

Good and Bad Table Scraps for Chickens- Here are some guidelines for what you can feed your chickens, what you can't feed your chickens, and what should be fed in moderation.

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